Timberland Teams with Green Rubber to Reduce Global Tire Waste

The increasing tires wastage has been a serious global issues due to the negative impact of the waste it piles on the environment.

Thus, the Timberland Company which is a leading environmental proponent will launched two new footwear collections that features outsoles made of recycled rubber from discarded tires.

Currently, more than seven billion tires sit in landfills worldwide, leading to one of the largest and relatively unknown environmental issues. Through the use of Green Rubber™ proprietary and patented technologies, Timberland will help transform them into a valuable raw material.

Datuk Vinod Sekhar, the CEO and Founder of Green Rubber Inc said he is committed to connect successful commerce with environmental responsibility which leads to vast opportunities for sharing their commitment to sustainability with their customers.

He also said that the unpublicized epidemic of 1.2 billion tires that are disposed yearly is concerning because it leads to many other forms of pollution, such as that of water. Discarded tires are also an ideal habitat for disease carrying insects.

Vinod Sekhar believes with Green Rubber’s environmentally friendly technology, they can start to make a difference in reducing the environmental crisis and to save the environment.

Timberland was the first footwear manufacturer to commercialise Green Rubber technology by incorporating it into the outsoles of more than 200,000 pairs of shoes released in 2009.

Understanding the value of rubber as a resource, the blend of Green Rubber compound and virgin rubber compound, has been a boon for Timberland, which is now able to maintain the durability and performance characteristics of their footwear while lowering its cost at the same time.

The Timberland Company CEO, Jeffrey Swartz, said he was excited to partner with Green Rubber Global as a way to make rubber a more sustainable source and t environmentally responsible as an international footwear manufacturer.

Green Rubber technology creates a new source of rubber compounds made from waste tires through a non-toxic, environmentally conscious de-vulcanization process called DeLink™.

The technology converts any sulfur-cured rubber compound (including scrap rubber from old tires) into a recycled compound which can be used on its own or blended with virgin rubber compounds to produce a wide variety of rubber products, like Timberland’s outsoles.

Using waste tires as a raw material provides the rubber industry with a cost-effective supply of rubber and can help to reduce the dependence on raw materials that are derived from non-renewable petroleum sources.

Through this process, Timberland said 50 tons of Green Rubber material was used for production of its first green outsoles in 2009. This effectively replaced 42 tons of virgin rubber with recycled Green Rubber rubber from discarded tires.

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