The Ultimate Guide to Serviced and Virtual Offices in Malaysia

Malaysia is a great place to start a business or expand existing infrastructure to. Labor costs and office spaces are significantly more affordable, tourism and commerce sectors are strong, and a relatively new industrialized market economy ranks third within the Southeast Asian nations. If you are looking for serviced and virtual offices in the country, below is a guide to finding affordable, strategic locations.

Serviced Offices in a Nutshell

A serviced office is a physical property rented out to a tenant by a service provider. There may be several office spaces in the same building owned by the same service provider. Such arrangements provide you with the benefit of utilizing your own office space without having to actually buy or lease one.

Serviced offices may also come with meeting rooms fully furnished with furniture, equipment, private phone lines, and even employees if need be. A serviced office is great for businesses that need to establish their brand presence via a physical office. It’s also ideal for businesses that meet with clientele regularly and where employees are hired to work.

So, who needs a serviced office? Ideally, a business that is looking for work space but is not yet prepared to commit to an extensive lease or purchase contract can find serviced office to be of great use. Using the office space, you can work with employees daily, recruit newcomers, run marketing campaigns, meet with clients and investors, and commandeer your business as you see fit.

Virtual Offices in a Nutshell

A virtual office, on the other hand, is as the name implies – virtually present but not physically there. A virtual office provider operates the space from a remote area, and can manage various clients from there. Services offered by virtual offices include forwarding calling, call answering, virtual assistance, and web-based workstations if needed by clients.

An advantage of a virtual office is that it addresses vital communication and collaboration needs of a business. However, because it does not entail rental of physical space, the fees are lower. A professional receptionist may also be delegated to manage walk-in applicants, clients, and partners thus adding to the professionalism and integrity of your business.

A virtual office is perfect for startups and small businesses that want to establish brand presence in a certain local or international region without having to delegate in-house manpower and equipment to the said location. If you frequently travel for business or personal reasons, you can leave instructions to the virtual office provider and check up occasionally for any messages, packages, or orders left for you through the provided secretarial services.

The Verdict

Serviced and virtual offices each have their own pros and cons. As a startup CEO or business owner in Malaysia, your job is to vet which option best complements your type of business. The ability to pay only for the services you use makes virtual offices are more cost-effective choice. Meanwhile, a serviced office makes expansions of physical offices or branches to international markets more efficient.

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