Malaysia Property Tips: Buying Your Second Home

Buying a second home in Malaysia can be a great investment. It can provide income, be a private getaway or both. But knowing when, where, and at what price to buy a second home is crucially important – if not more important – than your first. So consider a few things before you sign your name on a new property in Malaysia.


What To Consider

Whatever your reason for purchasing a second home, there are a number of things you should consider. The timing of your purchase is important. If you are offered a steal of a deal and you have the finances to purchase it, then strike while the iron is hot. However, you should consider if you want the responsibility of managing a second home, its location and potential for appreciation in value, current market conditions, and your motivation for making the purchase.


What To Look For

Knowing what to look for in a second home is also important. The weak economy has created some excellent buying opportunities. There are great properties in prime locations which are now on the market. Still potential buyers have to know if a second house in the suburbs, an urban area, small town, vacation area, or resort is best suited to their short and long term goals. Is the property relatively close to where you live? Understanding that a second home will require an ongoing investment of time, energy, and resources is crucial. However, the right one will appreciate in value over time and can provide fun and income every year if managed properly.


Get Professional Help

Find out if there are any restrictions on renting if you plan to rent the property. Some communities ban certain types of rentals. Check with the homeowners association and city law. An experienced agent or the Malaysian property developers can be very helpful during this process. They may be able to provide access to great local financing options and motivated sellers. Consult a good accountant to help you understand and plan for the tax ramifications. Trends point to single family homes in the city area as being the best investments. Particularly for people who plan to make it their primary residence in the future.


The Perfect Second Home

Shopping for a second home can be fun. There is less pressure because you’ve navigated the process before. You also get to cherry pick which property is best for retirement, investment, or portfolio diversification. With the proper research and the help of the right experts you can find the right second house. One that will meet your needs and provide enjoyment, long-term security, and consistent income. Whether it’s a hot new property, a condo in a hip urban enclave, or a retirement nest in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur, the right research on purchasing a second home can be the best thing to do right now.

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