3 Important Duties and Responsibilities of an Investment Banker


Are you vying for one of the most lucrative banking jobs in Malaysia? There are plenty of career opportunities in the banking industry, and one of the most attractive is investment banking. An investment banker is a professional that works in a financial institution that’s focused on raising capital for their clients, typically businesses, governments, and other parties.
If you aspire to become an investment banker, below are some of the responsibilities you should prepare to uphold:

1. Help With Large Financial Transactions
As an investment banker, you’ll sometimes be required to help facilitate large, intricate financial transactions. Your role may include analyzing and providing the worth or value of a client’s company. In case a customer is looking forward to a takeover, merger, or sale, you may be called upon to optimize the structure of the deal.

2. Save Client’s Time and Money
An investment banker is mandated with helping a company avoid loss of time and money by spotting risks tied to a particular project before the company proceeds. They must be an expert in their specialty and always keep abreast of the current investing climate. That’s why a business can count on an investment banker to advise them on how to optimally plan their development in line with the present economic environment.

3. Facilitate Issuance of Bonds or Stocks
When a company intends to issue bonds or stocks, they’ll turn to an investment banker who serves as a facilitator between their client and investors. The expert’s input is critical to the pricing of financial instruments to maximize returns. They’ll also help with compliance to applicable financial and legal regulations.
In case a business wants to hold its initial public offering or IPO, they may turn to an investment bank too. In such a scenario, the banker may acquire all or much of their client’s stock. In turn, the banker sells the stocks on the market.

Banking jobs in Malaysia come in diverse shapes and form. But one of the most attractive careers you can join in the industry is investment banking. If you’re interested in becoming an investment banker, above are some of the important responsibilities you’ll need to handle.

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